Deceit As Policy

Remember the CDC “recommendation” that came out against needing to get a covid test if you didn’t have symptoms yet thought you’d been exposed to someone who you knew had covid?

Surprise! It turns out this wasn’t actual CDC guidance. This was the Trump White House publishing bogus advice on CDC letterhead. This was a co-opted CDC. And it was happening for months under the leadership of Robert Redfield, who rarely spoke up, rarely dared question any of it.

It’s yet one more indication of how far down the wrong road we were traveling in the midst of a pandemic. The Trump administration had, in essence, commandeered the CDC and was publishing public health information that was based on nothing more than its desire to control the narrative, downplay and soft pedal the gravity of the situation.

We were all watching it happen before our eyes.

Yet many are still thinking, “Ya, gimme some more of that.”

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