An Exercise In Futility

We hear the voices of reason and experience imploring us not to spike the ball on the 5-yard line– an apt analogy and visual for describing the current familiar situation in which we find ourselves.

We’ve been here several times in the last year. We see the cases rising in Europe, which has been a bellwether for the U.S. throughout this whole long endurance test. But of course, practically on cue, Texas, Arizona, and others aren’t buying it. The caseloads are retreating, after all. Deaths are dropping, though now plateauing. So they’re lifting all restrictions- masks, distancing, the whole ball of wax.

Apparently nearly half of all men who identify as Republican– never mind everyone else among the foil hatters– say they aren’t going to get the vaccine. Dr. Fauci is imploring Trump to talk to his groupies and get them to change their minds. That should go well.

The madness never ends. There’s a boatload of “if onlys.” We’ll succeed in spite of ourselves, though not without more unnecessary suffering and loss.

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