A Familiar Playlist

I wish I could put the Trump nightmare out of mind, but things keep popping up. Every now and then, I’m reminded of something that happened, something Trump said or did, and it all comes rushing back. Those were dark days. He is indeed a narcissist, a needy, hateful, one-dimensional, power-hungry windbag who keeps showing up.

And Mitch McConnell hasn’t changed his tune since Barack Obama took office. His latest turn at being a dickhead has to do with the filibuster rule, and rumblings from Democrats of somehow modifying it.

McConnell calmly mumbles about a “scorched earth” Senate that would come to a grinding halt and more closely resemble a 100-car pileup than a legislative body capable of getting anything done. The rhetoric hasn’t cooled at all since the previous office holder was there. If anything, we’re all getting a clearer look at what a desperate, out-of-touch minority resorts to when they have little to offer and are just holding on for dear life.

No adjustments or soul-searching, no reassessments or reinvention. Just the not-so-golden oldies—obstruction at every turn, self-preservation, a deaf ear to inclusion, and Jim Crow voting restriction bills numbering in the hundreds across a scorched landscape.

The Republican Party has nothing, except that hideous desire to legislate morality and dictate which lives matter.

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