“Neither Snow Nor Rain…”

What is going on at the USPS? How is Louis DeJoy still there? Is there a connection between what we’re currently seeing and the sabotage Trump set in motion in August, or whenever that was?

Back on Feb. 3, I ordered an article of clothing from a company headquartered outside of Boston. I got word that it finally arrived at a USPS facility somewhere in the Lehigh Valley, in PA, last night, Feb. 14. I wasn’t in any hurry for this shirt, but the fact that it swirled around in a vortex and sat in facilities in MA, RI, and NH for over a week made me realize that maybe there are lingering issues with our mail service and delivery system.

And apparently, things are just going to get worse? By design? And surprise! Prices will be rising again. Wow, what a business model.  Or are they still covering their ass, doubling down to make it look like there’s no connection between current troubles and what was attempted prior to the election, that it’s just been the plan all along?

I don’t know. Though, how quick can recovery be after having your knee caps smashed?

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