I love how news outlets are framing the impeachment vote yesterday– i.e., there has never been a more bipartisan vote in the history of impeachment votes.

Trump was still acquitted, 57-43!

But hey, at least this one was closer to 2/3 than the previous trials over the course of our history, the most recent a little over a year ago– for the same guy. Gotta take some consolation in that fact, I guess.

The Republicans are a special group of flunkies, Mitch McConnell at the head of the class. They couldn’t muster the courage to vote to impeach, but Mitch offered a strong rebuke after the vote, tore the little man a new one, after the vote. But why? Was it just an attempt at offering balm to the millions who now know for sure that Mitch and company are still in Trump’s pocket? Was it just McConnell trying to salvage some self-respect, or a signal that he and the rest knew Trump was guilty as sin but geez, they have their own hides to save?

I think it’s safe to say that no one is ever going to be impeached.

This time it was apparently because of a technicality which the Democrats clearly proved was no precedent on the first day- the part about Trump no longer being in office. It takes hardly any imagination whatsoever to envision a scenario where this would have mattered not at all to Mitch and Co., if a Democrat was on the hot seat.

Ok, Democrats, it’s time to get on with the work you were elected to do. Please pass some legislation and address the pandemic now. And a note to the press—forget Donald Trump even exists, at least for a few days. Give us a break from his ugly mug for a bit. We need time to gird our loins, cleanse our palates, and prepare for the cascade of acquittals in all the pending civil cases.

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