Warped Speed

When I sit down to write an article for our congregation’s newsletter, I do so most times with only the broadest of outlines– really nothing more than a general awareness of where we’re at in the church year, along with a desire to write something more substantive than a simple Bible study or a rehashing of calendar events that can be found elsewhere in other pages. I guess you could call it an organic process, as in “see what develops.” Or maybe it’s just hit or miss, reflective of a certain laziness.

This time around, I felt a level of anger and frustration that normally is not present. I am growing tired of Covid-19 and all the accompanying restrictions and changes it has wrought. But I am more weary still of the political animosity and manufactured confusion that continues, to some extent, to loom over the response to the pandemic.

It’s been difficult to let this go— namely that Donald Trump and the people around him decided to ignore an actual pandemic. They saw it coming and consciously decided to act as if it wasn’t coming. This isn’t how normal, caring human beings behave.

I’m hoping that the Biden-Harris administration can get its bearings and forge ahead, making progress despite the handicapped start left them by the previous administration.

Trump should have been impeached for this, nevermind everything else.

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