A Tidal Wave of Anger

On the Impeachment front, the prosecution has had a couple days to make their case. They’ve been pretty convincing, though it’s not like there isn’t any evidence to support their case. The defense has tomorrow and Saturday, in which they will reveal their own video footage and harp on a phrase Trump used in his speech at the Ellipse on 1/6. They have a flimsy case but will do their best to convince they have an ironclad one.

When all is said and done, there most likely won’t be enough votes to convict, so we will have spent all this time and energy on a futile pursuit, and more than half the country will go on feeling like justice once again has not been served, the rat once again has gotten away with something gravely serious, and many will once again settle for bitterness, anger, and frustration.

Last night, there was not one second of primetime programming dedicated to anything else going on in the nation and world— at least on the station I was watching. It was all focused on the Impeachment trial. Nothing about Covid or vaccination efforts, nothing about other legislation or anything else newsworthy. It was like Trump was still in office. Trump front and center, the whole night.

It is maddening beyond words that we are still having to pay so much attention to such a mole hill of a man. This in itself should be an impeachable offense.

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