Can We Get This Over With, Please?

The impassioned speech by Jamie Raskin, the video footage of the events of January 6, the ham-handed, bumbling nonsense from Trump’s lawyers. Still, many Republican Senators averted their eyes– a visible, intentional dissing of everything, because they believe the whole impeachment effort is just political theater and a waste of time.

But do they really believe that? How can they? It would be a heavenly turn of events if enough Senators see the light and vote to impeach. The bottom line is that no one gets away with inciting insurrection. There’s nothing more to parse. No more hiding behind legal smoke screens. No more defense of the indefensible. No more avoidance of consequences for Donald Trump.

How can anyone think that the Democrats prefer to invest precious time and resources on this when there are so many other pressing issues to tend to?

The 44 Republicans who thought this endeavor unconstitutional are plugging their ears and singing, “la, la, la,” hoping it all just goes away- again! Their continued defense of a brazen pretender who sat in the Oval Office for four years is absolutely stunning. Talk about partisanship, talk about political theater– it’s the Republicans who have had a corner on that market for quite a while now.

The impeachment effort will probably fall short– again! But this time it’s going to leave a lasting mark on the Constitution and the rule of law. And it will leave the door open for Trump to slither in and finish off The Dream.

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