Minds Made Up

Legitimate concern dismissed as partisan bickering, as much ado about nothing.

Some Senators doodling while others are trying to present evidence and appeal to the gravity of the situation.

Are Paul, Hawley, and the rest simply blowing it off as over-reaction and political theater, or can they not stand to face a certain reality?

The picture that ends up being created is one of minds made up, blind allegiance, fear of the mob, er Base, and a classic case of CYA and looking out for #1. As seemingly forceful and substantive as the Democratic argument has been, what we end up seeing are too many Republican Senators dismissing it out of hand, as if none of it matters, as if it’s just a vendetta born of long-held animosity– which in part it probably is.

Still, what is it going to take for them to see it as more than that? We’re likely never to know.

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