No Teeth?

If inciting insurrection directed at the seat of power in Washington D.C., with the intention of disrupting Congress, planning violence directed at its members, and overturning election results– and where lives were lost– is not an impeachable offense, then what is?

The Senate will soon get a single Article of Impeachment that passed in the House with a modicum of bipartisan support, unlike the one from only a year ago… But once again it is likely to die there.

Why bother holding onto this provision? If Trump survives this, surely everyone in Congress and probably on earth will assume, going forward, that there are no consequences to be suffered for such blatant anarchy. And impeachment by the House amounts to a mere slap on the wrist, viewed as little more than a partisan gripe and waste of everyone’s time.

Fox News, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy and the rest can argue till the cows come home that pursuing this article will poke holes in Joe Biden’s appeal to unity, but unity has nothing to do with this entirely warranted pursuit of justice and consequences.

Not only should the Senate vote to convict. In addition, they should ban Donald Trump from ever again being able to run for federal office.

And on a different but related note, can there be any doubt that there would be next to zero Republican “concern” about election fraud if Trump had won the election?

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