Dear FoMoCo

Ford Motor Company has a lot of nerve—claiming under cover of a slick commercial that they are not afraid of change, and offering up the rather laughable boast of moving totally away from fossil fuels by… 2035.

2035? That’s 14 years from now!

You can boast all you want about a number that, for all we know, you pulled out of a hat, that allows you to ease into the “changes,” allows you to diminish and downplay the real urgency we as a nation and planet need to be feeling right now.

You have to do better than 2035. You need to go back to your ad agency and come up with a number that isn’t so obviously convenient– still far enough off that you don’t feel compelled to do anything yet.

We don’t have fourteen years. Get serious and try setting a more ambitious goal, and example.

How about 2025?

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