How Sweet It Is

I watched more of the Inauguration ceremonies than I ever had on any previous occasion. More than once I was moved to gesture at the TV with two thumbs up and arms raised in the air. I was moved to tears when it became clear that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden had survived the numerous attempts to delegitimize their victory, and that Donald Trump no longer occupied the White House.

It really did feel like a nightmare had finally ended. A page had been turned, an oppressive weight had been removed.

There was and remains something off about Trump, something aberrant, something inherently troubling and menacing. It will always puzzle me that so many were feeling something akin to joy and euphoria when Trump took office four years ago. I will always wonder how that could have been. What were they celebrating? What were they hoping he would do during his four years that seemed like forty?

Turns out he wanted to tear the country apart. For no other reason than his own enrichment and lust for power. Good riddance, indeed.

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