Turn the Page

Donald Trump probably thought, at some point, that he could handle the job of POTUS. Piece of cake.

But it is an impossible job for someone prepared only to perpetuate the lies we keep telling ourselves, someone so willing to say only what others tell him to say, or what he thinks people want to hear. Impossible for someone with no backbone, no moral compass, no appreciation of history and sacrifice, no moorings in reality. Trump was doomed from the outset by his own motives, even before his silly entrance on that damned escalator. His supporters were misled, fed false hope and a line of bullshit that sounded like promises, or threats.

Joe Biden is there now, and it feels good. He’s no spring chicken, though, and I hope he has the stamina to tackle what lies ahead. There are multiple “first things.” Let’s start with stamping out this god-awful virus.

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