Slimy to the End

About 6 hours left in Trump’s presidency, even though he really has never been a President. Especially recently, since the election. How can we forget the daily schedule summaries of late: “The President will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

You can almost hear Kaley McEnany as she delivers this to a press corps awaiting its daily dose of condescension and snark.

One thing about Donald is that he certainly rewards loyalty. He’s treated the office like he apparently has run his businesses. Lately Trump is passing out pardons willy nilly, like candy. It’s been like the earthquake in Acts 16 that busts open the prison and presents an opportunity to escape, except Trump just gives the word and people like Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and now Steve Bannon fly out. Just like that. A veritable Who’s Who of rogues and fringe lunatics, Trump’s kind of people once again loosed upon society, able to act and speak and once again spread their cancerous brand of politics. They probably figured all along that their “vindication” would come.

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