What’s Left?

About 30 hours to go in Trump’s presidency. Sounds like he’s skipping town around 8am tomorrow, to what deservedly should be a modicum of underwhelming fanfare. He doesn’t want to be around for the festivities. First time in 150 years. He probably can’t stomach it. Fine. Don’t let the door hit you.

Only thing is, what’s up with the last-minute changes in NSA personnel? And why on earth does the My Pillow guy get a mention here? As Rachel M. wondered last night, what does Trump think is going to happen? Why the last-minute shake-up? To what end?

D.C. is looking like an armed camp, maybe like Baghdad looked, or other far-away places we’ve only heard about or seen on the news. Twenty-five thousand National Guard troops have been vetted by the FBI, on concerns over an inside job.

On one hand, maybe we’re overreacting to Trump’s attempts at overturning the election. It’s been nothing but failure so far. On the other hand, January 6 happened. It was surreal, but it happened. So we’re not out of the woods yet, I guess.

And there are those who still defend Trump. No consequences necessary. Right, Lindsey? You lily-livered, two-faced waffle factory.

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