Welcome, Overstayed

The Impeachment saga continues. Sounds like Ms. Pelosi has given a 24-hour ultimatum to Mike Pence for Trump’s removal. I’m sure the Pres is shaking in his boots. Just another opportunity for him to double down. He’s been really good at that.

He does need to go, though. No more passes, no more avoiding consequences. No time to waste. He’s said and done way more than enough to warrant this sequence of events. He deserves nothing more than an ignominious exit from the stage he’s undeservedly dominated for way too long.

The person who’s always had next to nothing good to say, who’s done little of value during his time in office, who turned his back on this country during a pandemic and incited seditious mobs, is being forced to leave in shame, tail between legs.

It really shouldn’t end any other way.

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