There’s No Carte Blanche

Is there any brand of nationalism that doesn’t raise eyebrows or conjure images of swastikas and mindless allegiance to demagogues? Our hackles should be permanently raised in this country, yet look at what’s happening right now.

Enough people willing to buy what Trump is selling have gotten the nation’s attention, threatening to cause trouble in the days leading up to and including Inauguration. So far they have stopped at threats, though there were indications that some among the mob last Wednesday were looking for hostages, or victims. The next round of encounters could be even more violent.

Trump, of course, could step forward and try to calm things down, but he’s under siege and probably in no mood to kowtow to Democrats or neuter his rabid dogs who are apparently ready to die for the cause, whatever that is. I guess we may find out how genuine is their bravado.

Just to reiterate– freedom is an illusion. We’re not as free as many apparently think we are.

Laws and rules, and even what may be perceived as archaic ritual, are necessary in a civil society. They are what hold the center when untethered jackasses like Donald Trump emerge and try to ruin the day, or rule it.

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