Mea Culpa, etc.

I may have come on too strong in a blog post from Dec. 30.

Of course I realize that many people have gone above and beyond in the midst of the COVID-19 scourge. They have worked themselves to the bone, daily risked exposure of themselves and their families in order to tend to those who were/are suffering from infection.

I feel the same way about others in various lines of work, not just healthcare workers. They’re not where I was directing my cynicism. It was more a general reaction to what is probably inevitable the longer something like this drags on—the saturation of media coverage, the repeated refrains of frustration and anger, the cries for help that grow so familiar that they lose their impact and start sounding more like whining.

Sure, we may really need a hug, we may really want to see folks in person, but this is a bona fide pandemic. This isn’t normal. This demands painful, sacrificial changes in behavior that, in America’s case, were downplayed, dismissed, and critcized as un-American by people at the highest levels of government. If by some miracle we could have all been on the same page from early on and practiced the basic precautions, we’d be in a much better place by now.

Instead, in addition to the maddening stubbornness and hubris that apparently are accepted as American character traits, many millions believed the Chief Executive and Fox News and others who said the virus was a hoax! That we could just go about our regular business. Thankfully, many were skeptical of such advice. Nonetheless, it was a grossly negligent policy decision that has paved the way for the misery we’ve experienced ever since early last year.

So we continue to limp along, enduring mind-numbing case numbers, becoming desensitized to death and loss that cannot possibly be comprehended. The vaccines will eventually stem the tide, hopefully, but distribution is revealing yet another facet of the current administration’s neglect and ineptitude.

People in the know– not Trump and the rest– have been warning us since the early days of all this that things would get as bad as they currently are. Yet our leaders in Washington decided to look the other way.

It is a decision, a choice, that should haunt them for the rest of their lives.

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