Where Is The Sense of Urgency?

I know the Inauguration ceremonies are going to be scaled back because of Covid-19, but will further consideration be given to moving them somewhere other than the west front of the Capitol building, given the rumblings of a return of Trump supporters to pick up where they left off, or worse?

This would be disappointing, given the kind of message it would send to Trump loyalists. I’m sure an act of defiance is preferable to signaling that these domestic terrorists have somehow won. It’s just that we know these lunatics are aching for the next battle, and they’ll be bringing their loaded assault weapons at some point. I guess we need to trust that law enforcement will be appropriately prepared.

Despite everything, it is still difficult for me to imagine that these people have enough hate and anger in their hearts to contemplate and carry out violence and sedition against the country they supposedly love. Hard for me to believe that they are secure enough in their beliefs—as twisted as they are—to act on them in a way that will lead to mayhem and bloodshed.

They are not well. And of course neither is Trump, who sits in the comfort of the Oval Office plotting his next moves. He has to go, as soon as possible. He has to somehow pay a price for all of this. It is way past time for the cows to come home, the chickens to roost, and whatever else. Why is Congress waiting until Monday to begin impeachment proceedings?

Consequences, man. Consequences. Time to pay the piper.

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