Come, Sweet Peace

Is this really about disenfranchisement, feeling left behind and unheard? The last gasp of angry white people who feel their grip on undeserved privilege slipping away?

Is it a sickness born of prolonged exposure to poisonous words and twisted ideologies? Is all of this connected, one thing leading to another? Do these people have legitimate excuses for their behavior and world views? Do they need to be listened to, or squashed like bugs, once and for all?

How do people grow so hateful and angry, so vulnerable to having their hearts ripped out and their minds closed? Some—perhaps many– who stormed the Capitol the other day looked like lost boys and girls who emerged from shadows, crawled out from under rocks, crazed and impressionable. Energized by hate and the opportunity to engage in mayhem. They came with ladders, sledgehammers, tear gas, goggles, helmets, their own riot gear! And they were practically escorted into the building. It didn’t look like righteous anger as much as it did an excuse to break things. Helluva way to treat a place they consider “the peoples’ house.”

Was it blatant insurrection, or more a mindless mob jumping on a big bandwagon with a chance to write a chapter of their own story and have something to talk about over a few beers?

For all the heartfelt, eloquent pleas and thoughtful, measured tones, we must realize that none of our attempts at being rational are going to touch Donald Trump or those who are still in his camp. We can try to explain ourselves, voice our disapproval, even get mad as hell, but none of it is going to sway or deter or open the eyes of those who lose their shit over myths, convinced that pigs can fly and Democrats are leftist libtards and communists who hate America.

Imagine if this had been a BLM march on the Capitol. There would have been a Ramboesque body count in the halls of Congress, if they had made it that far.

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