Getting Clearer

How do you reason with the likes of Donald Trump? Is it possible? He’s gone off the deep end, or will shortly. He’s got evil in his heart, he’s got trigger-happy neo-Nazis eating out of his hand, waiting for marching orders.

We are not in a good place, and I think leaders in D.C. know this. Invoking the 25th or impeachment will most likely mean violent reprisals all over the country. In the middle of a pandemic! But this is the price we pay—once again—for trying to hold onto the shining city on a hill.

I think I understand much better now how precious and fragile this attempt at democracy is. It doesn’t run on autopilot. It requires buy-in, commitment from its citizens to invest and trust in what amounts to intangibles—laws, restraint, respect. It demands vigilance and it can get costly. I just never expected the cost to be exacted in our back yards. Again.

It seems the Civil War is like the coal fire in Centralia- often out of sight, but still burning. And all this against the backdrop of a pandemic that has taken 4000 lives in one day for the first time.

Donald Trump and those who still defend him are the scum of the earth. The green film that covers stagnant water.

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