How on earth was it so easy for Trump supporters to gain access to the Capitol building and the Senate floor, among other places? It’s difficult to look at this and comprehend that it actually happened. Why were the reinforcements not already there?

And can there be any doubt about what kind of person Donald Trump truly is? He encouraged this. He egged them on, told the crowd that he’d be with them as they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol. Then of course he went home.

There’s a split coming in the Republican ranks. There will be the Crazies and Opportunists, and Those Who Still Have A Head On Their Shoulders And A Heart Beating In Their Chests. We might have a third party at long last, though it may not be anything to write home about.

All this insanity happened on Mitch McConnell’s watch. Though the roots of this unrest began growing centuries ago, McConnell ratcheted up the bad blood 12 years ago, when he proclaimed that Job One for Republicans was to make sure Barack Obama was a one-term President. Who, in his position, would say such a thing? To whom did he think he was appealing? Who did he think was listening when he made such a stunningly polarizing statement?

We all saw this coming. None of it has come out of left field. The writing has been on the wall since way before 2015, when Donald Trump descended that confounded escalator and really started feeding the beast, tearing America apart with his inflammatory, deprived rhetoric.

If they can arrest him, they should take Stephen Miller along, too. The dead-in-the-eyes sub-human, Trump’s muse.

January 6, 2021 was an Epiphany of a different sort.

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