Wake-up Call

The other shoe has dropped.

I got word that there may be a Covid case in the congregation, and it has had a chilling effect on worship plans going forward, at least until the middle of January. The precautions we’ve been taking probably worked– the person tested, if positive, most likely was exposed somewhere other than in the church nave– yet I took this as the shot across the bow. Whether the results are positive or negative.

We’re not going to mess with or tempt this virus anymore. We won’t engage in a senseless, unnecessary crap shoot anymore. I know this will be perceived as over-reaction and laziness, and it will disappoint many folks who have their precious Christmas Eve traditions. They may very well be angry with the decision to suspend, perhaps even look for another church to attend. Frankly, that is of little concern to me, since many don’t seem to have much use for attending the rest of the year.

We all just have to deal with this. We’ll be back together sooner than later now, and definitely by the next time around.

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