Light of Day

So our healthcare system is not only broken, but broke as well.

According to one source, the pandemic has, among other things, shone a light on a system that was already stretched to the limits and suffering from a severe lack of funding.

Also mentioned was that the coronavirus is not as virulent as it once was, and treatments are improving. But you still don’t want to get it! We need to lay low for another couple of months. We’re almost through this. We could have been through this if we had done some simple things from the outset. But water under the bridge, I guess. No crying over spilt milk.

Trump and company really did botch this thing, though. Bigly. In every way possible. Like it or not, they set the tone. They paved the way for, opened the door on, gave imprimatur to the carnage that has ensued. And they were ok with that.

What is frustrating beyond measure today (given that yesterday and tomorrow it was and will be something different) are the conflicting opinions that are currently getting airtime in the same broadcast, and in the midst of continued pandemic precautions. There are lockdowns for many in CA and at the same time a county law enforcement official there babbling on about how oppressive these measures are and how he’s not intending to enforce any of them. No wonder it’s been next to impossible to chart a course!

We’ve been dealing with the irrational and stubborn all along. We’ve been “led” by soulless vermin for four years. We just can’t stop shooting ourselves in the foot. So we’ll be limping to the finish line.

Not one of our prouder moments as a nation.

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