Boiling Point

Over time, Trump’s pandemic-long covid responses and “advice” grow ever more insidious and despicable. He and his administration, along with Fox News and the rest of the quacks peddling conspiracy theories, have contributed more than anyone else to the situation we are watching grow more dire each day.

There is a real, deadly virus wreaking havoc among us, yet many Americans have parked themselves under the nozzle of bullshit feeding them the lie that there is no virus, or that masks and distancing precautions and gathering restrictions are infringements and somehow un-American. And to top it off, they’ve bought the ghastly herd immunity myth.

How will we not look back on these days without wanting to scratch someone’s eyes out? Without rending our garments and lamenting this descent into sheer, astonishing idiocy?

When everything becomes politicized, all bets are off. The crazies emerge, in this case emboldened by the worst president in many generations.  

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