Maybe Trump will disappear, for some reason. Or succumb to a terminal case of loseritis, unable to handle the defeat (duh). His infantilism is terminal. He’s revealing all his cards now. Hard to tell what Washington or the country is going to look like by the end of the year. Imagine all the things he should be tending to, and he’s ignoring them all. We’re functioning without a functioning President or government, and there are, still, few adults in the room.

-Tragic spectacle. Hard to believe no one has invoked the 25th Amendment. Trump is lashing out, using a platform on Facebook to spew 46 minutes worth of unhinged, along with more whining. He’s appealing to his rabid base, who are always ready for blood in the streets. What an awful human being. How could someone so cold and untethered to reality make it so far? How do we get him to go away? And not on January 20. Now.

-The power of doubling down. No admitting culpability or blame, or to simply getting something wrong. Always on the defensive, always full steam ahead with a Swiss cheese narrative. We should be mad as hell, but not about a fraudulent election. Much more about the President of the United States who’s so desperate and self-involved and emotionally stunted that he can’t feel anything other than his own self-inflicted wounds. 

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