Monday Lament

I wrestle with holding a church service indoors. I’m not sure we’re being faithful, or if it’s just a variation on stubborn and stupid.

The things we’re doing to be safe… Taking a picture of the congregation as they sit in their pews, for contact tracing purposes. In one door, out another. Masks on, socially distanced, unable to sing or share the peace, Communion on the run, dressing in layers because windows are open and fans are running for airflow. Wondering perhaps if we’re just creatures of habit, motivated more by obligation and guilt than need. Feeling like we’re playing with fire, getting away with something each time we gather.

It’s not knowing for sure where the virus is that makes this difficult. Other than those doing testing and contact tracing, anyone who carries on as if they do know is kidding themselves.

And this in-your-face, anti-precautions mindset… where does this come from, if not an alternate reality where everything is a leftist conspiracy and people take their marching orders from a partisan TV network and a now lame duck president who can’t rise above acting like a bratty toddler?

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