Worth A Look

Sometimes, and more frequently of late, it feels like we have it all wrong in this country. The emphasis on what the individual can do and achieve seems to have led to a society full of self-interested glory hounds. One of them became president.

Anymore, it often seems everyone must be motivated beyond reason, where we’re all striving for financial security and nice things and “success.” An ongoing Darwinian proof. More superficiality than substance.

There’s talk in Europe of providing some baseline of income for everyone, which sounds like a great idea to me but will inevitably be a non-starter here, because… America.

We’ve got it all wrong. Self-determination is fine, but a lot of people are being left out in the cold, and it’s not because they’re lazy. Maybe they’re motivated by different things, different pursuits. Or they aren’t even noticed.

It’s only money, and with money, people buy things. Sounds like perpetual stimulus all around. Maybe it would be enough to keep food on the table and a roof overhead. People would still have to work for the extras. It might put a dent in the lines of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people waiting for sustenance.

Donald Trump can go to hell. This is on you, you uncaring, inhuman blob of plasma. While millions suffer, all you can think about is postponing the inevitable and torching the place.

And, as always, lining your pockets.

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