Where does the militia mindset come from? What sets people on a path of suspicion and paranoia?

Does it have its roots in white supremacy? Is it more complicated than that? In some ways, it seems like there’s something more at play than just racist tendencies, though that would be enough. It’s difficult not to think that these people have been brainwashed somehow, easily led astray.

Do they feel big and powerful shouldering an AR-15 or some other ridiculous weapon? Were they at one time in the armed forces, or are they just soldier wannabes– all the weapons, none of the real commitment and patriotism? Do they think they’re heroes of some sort?

Other than an outsized and irrational aversion to authority, what could possibly possess someone to want to overthrow the government? What’s their vision? What is it that they want to restore? Or do they just relish the chaos and the chance to brandish a weapon? What’s their endgame? We should know these things, because Donald Trump told these people to stand back and stand by.

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