Monday Rant

What is the Wall Street Journal talking about? Sweden’s response to the pandemic is not to be held up as a model for the world. It’s not all about paying lip service to protecting the vulnerable while making sure that the economy gets most of the attention. Herd immunity is lazy and reckless.

And grow up, Lebron. I’m weary of hearing you complain about being disrespected. I really hate that word, but I disrespect you more every day, mainly because you seem to always need so much respect. You’ve left your mark, your place in NBA history has long been assured. So why the insecurity? You’ve always fancied yourself a messiah of sorts. Maybe you should bring your talents to another city and see if you can bless a new locale with your presence. Or maybe it’s time to just walk away and get on with the next chapter, if you can envision one.

Maybe this is how things are for someone who lands on the big stage right out of high school.

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