Not This Time

Did the Trump nightmare come about because in 2016 people decided their vote didn’t matter, people just took their toys and went home? Bernie supporters turned spiteful and actually voted for Trump? It’s looking like apathy won’t be an issue this time around. Over seventy times more people have already voted than in 2016 at this point– 5 million plus, probably 6 million by now.

If I heard this correctly, Trump won the electoral college in 2016 with an advantage of around 80,000 votes spread over 3 states. Perhaps this is what happens when people take their toys and go home.

Right now, the polling is in Biden’s favor, but of course this is going to change. The numbers will most likely tighten up. Things aren’t looking good for DJT at the moment, and it makes me fearful for what his campaign and foreign influences will yet try. We have to be vigilant.

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