Perhaps fear is our main stumbling block. How can people be so fearful of difference and change? Do we come by it naturally, is it born of an innate selfishness? Or do we learn it by listening to our lazy, opinionated, insulated elders and the loudest misinformed voices among us? Can it be addressed with education and venturing beyond our own zip codes, by seeing a bit of the world beyond our doorsteps?

The irony here, or one of them, is that the “proof,” the reasoning behind such narrowness, is fueled by the Bible– more accurately, influenced by an incomplete, unexamined, selective reading of scripture. You can’t claim you embrace a sanctity for life- at least unborn life- and also support violence or just act indifferently toward people who have a different skin color or religion than you. You can’t be against abortion and for taking away peoples’ healthcare- especially under the odious and convenient guise of unconstitutionality. You can’t pick and choose your own personal moral high ground.

There is a refusal to acknowledge a certain commonality and universality of the human experience, of human need. There is a desire for things to be simple, clear-cut, un-messy, homeostatic.

Life is seldom that way.

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