What Now?

So Donald and Melania have tested positive for covid-19.

Really? Or is this some sort of distraction, another campaign stunt? What, if anything, does this mean? Are they lying about it? Why now? What’s the strategic significance of this?

News reports hinted at this possibility last night by saying Hope Hicks, a close aid, had tested positive, and both Trumps were in close quarters with her, not wearing a mask or social distancing.

The headline is they’re positive, but really? And so what? I’m sure they’ll be just fine. If needed, they’ll both get treatments few others have at their disposal. They will move beyond this and Trump will brag about doing his part for herd immunity, offering that “it wasn’t that bad.”

Dems in state legislatures better not take their eyes off the ball. Hear that, Pennsylvania? Because Trump and his Z-Team are up to something.

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