Debate Fallout

Strength doesn’t look like someone who just rants and raves and tries to talk tough. That’s not strength. That’s more the glorified antics of a playground bully who’s had his fifteen minutes, who’s afraid of spending his life in obscurity, scratching and clawing for relevance and a way to stay visible. Or to stay out of jail.

And since when is “domination” a desirable trait in what was hoped to be an edifying exchange of ideas? Do people really just want to be entertained? Do they need a winner more than they need an opportunity to learn where the potential Leader of the Free World stands on the issues?

Trump might have dominated, but he looked like a fool. And he didn’t say anything of great significance, other than give license to a hate group, and provide confirmation to all who believe that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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