2 + 2 = 5 now

If a person seems most suited for operating in the midst of chaos, what might we learn about his fitness to lead, or his intentions? We shouldn’t be impressed with Donald Trump’s ability to stand mostly upright and function in the midst of all that is going on right now. We should be alarmed by it, because he’s causing much of it, or at least allowing it to flourish.

He either plants or allows seeds of doubt to be planted, then fertilizes them with his endless tweets and the steady stream of empty and troubling verbiage that emanates from the front of his contorted and bitter countenance. He and the shadowy figures wanting him to stay in power have created a situation where many people are being convinced of the pandemic’s use only as a political tool to be wielded against him. In related news, a picture in the paper this morning showed a crowd in London demonstrating against virus restrictions, with someone holding a sign that read, “The reason why the UK is getting a second wave is because it fits the political agenda and narrative.”

First of all, kudos for fitting a complete sentence on a demonstration placard. But really? It couldn’t be that the virus is enjoying a resurgence because people are buying this line of propaganda, and acting as if covid-19 doesn’t exist? Kool-aid consumed.

If this alternate reality attitude is widespread enough, then there is little hope for us. For many, there is no such thing as reason or logic, or trusting people who make their life’s work dealing in measurable and quantifiable facts.

Donald Trump and Co. don’t like such facts. Facts aren’t useful to them unless they can be twisted and weaponized.

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