So the concept of herd immunity has taken hold among Always Trumpers, including Scott Atlas, the radiologist now in charge of the Coronavirus task force. This country really is skydiving without a parachute.

From what can be observed, it would seem the President is quadrupling down on his decision to downplay the severity of the virus and going with the “easy” route of just letting it take its course through the population. Driven by his obsession with bolstering the economy, he has consciously chosen to take the heartless course of action that will, with no shadow of a doubt, continue to cause untold, unimaginable, unfathomable, unnecessary loss and grief.

This is what good leadership looks like? How on earth can there be anywhere near enough people still willing to vote for this monster? How can polls tell us that things are close and getting closer?

Do the mindless, brainless numbnuts who show up at his rallies have even a whiff of a clue of what it means to take this route to immunity? Are they really willing to watch their neighbors and family members suffer or die- or risk getting sick themselves- just so they can remain “free” of government interference and the heinous inconvenience of wearing a fucking mask?

They’re all idiots. Every one of ’em. No matter how smart they might otherwise claim to be.

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