Regarding the presidential debate…

Why bother?

Let’s declare everyone- participants and viewers- losers. I can’t see how declaring a “winner” means anything when there’s nothing but loudness and shouting going on. Partisans will declare winners, but I can’t imagine most people learned anything they didn’t already know— Joe Biden is a decent guy and Donald Trump is a bullying asshole. You’d think by now most will have had their fill of him.

It’s pretty clear that Trump’s intent is to make a shambles of ground rules and decorum. If this is what his supporters have meant by him shaking things up, then they have it all wrong.

Donald Trump, of all people, doesn’t get to be the one who throws out the rule book. In fact, no one does.

As a close acquaintance suggests, just interview the candidates one-on-one and see if they can elaborate on their platforms in a manner that actually helps. Or turn their mics off after two minutes if they’re just gonna yell and interrupt.

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