Frau Blucher

Amy Coney Barrett.

Already, the mere mention of the name conjures that running gag in Young Frankenstein. She sounds like the perfect fit for the Republican dream of a conservative court, and the perfect nightmare for progressives. She’s presumed to already be in the President’s pocket, the missing piece that will secure the votes needed to strike down the ACA, repeal Roe v Wade, turn the clock back on environmental regulation, and potentially pave the way for a stolen election and Trump’s second term. Who knows? They may even feel emboldened to repeal the Equal Rights Amendment.

And by virtue of all of this, return us to the 1950s. A grand minority vision for the majority, courtesy of the Grim Reaper.

If the whole nomination and confirmation process gets fast-tracked before the election or even before Jan. 20, 2021, then even if Democrats by some miracle secure both chambers and the presidency, damage will already have been done. And the spiral of revenge tactics will continue, with pushes for statehood for D.C. and maybe Puerto Rico, and additional justices for the SC.

The bad blood and retribution, doing and undoing, are never going to stop. Pent up Covid craziness will erupt, along with all the other reasons people are pissed off, and this country will explode with unrest and violence, the likes of which will make this past summer and 1968-70 look like child’s play.

If Trump is somehow able to secure a second term, we can say goodbye to the Great Experiment. At the very least, America will be rendered unrecognizable for decades to come.

Cue the neighing sound.

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