No, Thanks

I know I should watch the RNC, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. There is nothing to be gained from it, except higher blood pressure and unnecessary angst. I truly don’t expect to hear anything of value, or anything that would appeal to my sense of country or patriotism.

I don’t know what has happened over the years, because I used to listen to people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and found them at least entertaining if not occasionally lucid. That was during the Bill Clinton years, I think, and I wasn’t exactly a Clinton fan. He did seem like “slick Willie” to me. But anymore these guys are lunatic fringe, and they support the likes of Donald Trump and everything he says he stands for.

Just hearing Trump speak raises my anger and anxiety levels. Everything that exits his mouth is shit. And to know that so many still hang on his every word… It’s clear that pro-Trump PACs are just going directly to the fear and smear tactics with their latest batch of commercials.

So the Republicans have the floor this week. The whole country, if it chooses, can tune in and listen to what I can only assume will be speech after speech heeping praises on Trump and painting the worst possible picture of Joe Biden. It’ll be a whole cast of characters who appear to have drunk the kool-aid.

Trump himself will offer up more than his share of self-praise. It’ll be all Trump all the time. It’ll be obscene and ugly and hard to watch. But millions will watch, and they will eat it up. God help us.

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