What’s Clear Is Not Clear

Neither candidate is an angel, of course. They both have flaws, they’ve both said things they probably wish they could take back. Well, at least Biden has. Trump can’t admit that he’s ever done or said anything wrong or off-color or untimely or anything else. He conveniently forgets, simply denies, lies, or blames someone else.

He’s gotten a pass for most of his life. And people seem to appreciate the fact that he continues to get away with that, like it’s somehow admirable and commendable that he can continue to find ways to be deceitful and avoid consequences.

The bottom line for me is that I neither like nor respect Donald Trump. He’s an arrogant, insincere, twisted Forrest Gump without the heart who somehow lands on his feet, despite being an unsympathetic bottom feeder. He is eminently unlikeable. I will never understand how so many can rally around him or believe a word he says.

Even though I can’t think of one reason why this election should be remotely close, we should probably prepare for its being contested.

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