-So the Dems got to draw first blood. I can’t imagine what sort of nonsense the Republicans will be spewing in their convention. Sounds like Trump is contemplating acceptance of the nomination from the White House, which no one has ever done, but he doesn’t give a shit so he’s gonna do it because he feels like he can. I won’t watch a minute of it because it’s just going to be 4 days of weirdness and paranoia with faux patriots and a bunch of people who make exaggerated claims about the Dems. They’re gonna tear Biden and everyone else apart, and make Donald Trump seem messianic. So, no thanks. I’ll pass.

-It bothers me that Trump supporters can be so cavalier about their man. I swear they don’t really respect him, either, but they do love the way he makes Democrats cringe and squirm. I’ve never been a real Biden fan, but he’s miles ahead of Trump. Biden-Harris will get my vote. Trump can walk east till his hat floats.

-Of course the face-to-face experience is preferred to virtual learning. Of course it is! And it would be happening without reservation IF THERE WASN’T A PANDEMIC GOING ON!!

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