There’s Nothing There

I’m tired of the coarseness and the arrogance. I’m sick of the sycophants, weary of the fog and rain clouds and oil slicks– all the ways Trump has maligned the office and dragged the nation down.

I’m trying to understand what could possibly be attractive and inspiring about him, and all I can come up with is that it’s less about him and more about an irrational fear and distrust of anything Democratic. It’s about having one’s understandings and beliefs affirmed by somebody, anybody. It’s mostly about winning and being right, even when you’re wrong.

What bothers me about the campaign rhetoric is that, while they’ll do their share of Trump-bashing, the Democrats will at least use reasoned and thoughtful words, while Trump will be almost as effective simply by spitting and steaming and spewing. He’ll try to appeal to a blind and unformed sense of patriotism. He will vilify, spread rumors and untruths, send out Tweets in all caps full of bitterness and unadulterated blather, and in all other ways simply go low and try to take everyone with him. It all betrays an astounding immaturity masquerading as nefarious strategy.

He will lash out relentlessly, accuse unendingly, all the while offering nothing of substance– no vision, no plan, no ideas reflective of any forethought or attempts at reasonableness. He has next to nothing, and what he does have is awful. His acceptance speech next week will be someone else’s words and ideas. He’ll be energized merely by the opportunity to be the focus of attention. He’ll get caught up in the moment. He will claim victory and progress on many fronts. It will be as if the pandemic and the economic downturn never happened. But when all is said and done, he’ll still be an empty suit, a wind bag, a puppet.

Trump has dredged and expanded the swamp, and those around him have emerged from it. They are the ones whispering in his ear and trying to temper his melt-downs. They’re the ones writing speeches and filling his head with delusions of grandeur and their own poisonous venom.

With Donald Trump, there is nothing at all about which to be hopeful. Except his possible exit from the scene.

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