It’s Time to Pay Attention

I guess Rachel Maddow could be considered part of the fake news corps, perhaps sensational and alarming. I find her honest and refreshing and smart. The stuff she’s been featuring lately is unsettling, to say the least. But also thought-provoking.

The latest news about what Trump is blatantly trying to do to the USPS is case in point. He’s not even hiding the fact that a denial of funding to the post office would help his cause. He’s abusing his power in the light of day, he’s laying the groundwork for manipulating and contesting election results. And it seems he’s daring somebody to stop him. What else does he have up his sleeve?

He’s also desperate to stay in office for at least four more years, because if he loses the election he knows what awaits him either later in the day on January 20, 2021, or the next day. He just may be indicted, and headed to court as a defendant.

A transformation of our government is happening before our eyes, and we’re too preoccupied with fallout from the coronavirus to really notice or care. All the talk about this coming election being about the heart and soul of America is not hyperbole. It’s a referendum on a criminal who appears to have designs on being President for a lot longer than 8 years.

Just four more years of Trump and we will no longer recognize our system of governance. These will be the good old days, virus and all.

Imagine that.

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