Fight the Numbness

“Make America Great Again.” What a cheap, lazy, empty slogan.

The latest twist of the knife is an attempt at gutting and neutralizing the USPS. It’s hard to fathom what we’re witnessing. There are wildly different understandings of what makes for greatness, I guess.

I want to know who thought it was a good idea to throw support behind Donald Trump in the first place, to even consider allowing his name on a ballot. People couldn’t have mistaken him for someone else. The power brokers apparently thought they had someone they could control for their own purposes. They couldn’t have seen a virtuous, upright figure. It was more that they had someone who was weak and malleable.

They had to have done their vetting. Trump was a known quantity, most likely with many skeletons in numerous closets, yet party operatives and enough of the public in general thought it appropriate to throw their support behind this genuine slimeball, this reality TV host. Do they really despise the Democrats that much?

If we can trust what our eyes are seeing, then we have to question the judgement and intentions of anyone who stands with Donald Trump.

It’s time for a palate cleanser, time to seek some beauty in the world.

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