Reality TV

Platform and philosophy aside, another reason I detest the Republican party is because Donald Trump is its poster child. The party’s policies, its stances on many issues are onerous to me, but what makes matters worse is that Trump stands as the figurehead. He, of all people, is the one with the high profile, the same one who makes gutteral noises and attempts at pontificating, who treats his office as just another conquest, another “win.” He embodies the selfishness and ugliness that are poisoning this nation and driving it into the ground.

Trump is like a kid in a candy store who gets big eyes when he sees something he wants behind the counter. Except he doesn’t ask if he can have it– no matter to him if there are some things he can’t have. He just breaks the glass.

How can anyone be proud to say that this pretender, this over-sized child, is their President? What remains his appeal? He traffics in fear and deception, and he banks on peoples’ gullibility. He’s as shallow as they come, and he couldn’t care less about the people who support him.

Who would aspire to be like him? How is it possible that he commands anything approaching respect?

Woe to all of us if he can muster enough support to prevail in November. I don’t see how that is possible, apart from some shady dealings.

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