A Palm Tree Grows In Siberia

“Vilified, threatened with violence, and in some cases suffering from burnout…”

So begins a recent AP article describing conditions for a number of state and local health officials. Apparently, an unknowledgeable, misinformed yet always opinionated slice of citizenry, along with politicians, are giving these weary public servants a hard time and a piece of their mind concerning the “restrictive” nature of masks, among other things.

The mind-blowing thing is that when we need these officials most, they are being threatened and leaving their jobs or being fired largely because they’re not offering the politically proper advice. People who don’t know their ass from their elbow are denigrating and marginalizing public health officials who are just trying to keep the public safe.

Sounds about right, par for the course.

Let’s see, what else might we expect before the year is over… Trump wins/steals/otherwise finagles another term; a 9.0 earthquake rocks a location previously unaffected by a single seismic disturbance; the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts; murder hornets fly through the eruption and migrate eastward; locusts invade; a shortage of coffee develops; schools in red and blue states open then close until 2022 because nearly a million students get infected with covid and spread it widely to teachers and relatives at home; the SEC decides to play football with spectators and no precautions, with the added stipulation that stations be provided where people can inject themselves with the virus; the entire populations of Meade, Pennington, Custer, Butte, Lawrence, Haakon, Ziebach, and Perkins Counties in South Dakota are walled off after 3000 local residents test positive for the virus following the Sturgis motorcycle rally; not one biker in attendance contracts the virus, but Mt. Rushmore somehow does and is later blown to pieces by a group claiming to want to put it out of its misery (and that Trump’s bust would be added “over their dead bodies”); the entirety of Greenland’s glaciers melts, and the Great Lakes dry to a trickle.

But lobster is still available at Red’s Eats, and life goes on largely unaffected for one small Maine town near the Canadian border.

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