Covid Blues

Here we are 7 months into this disaster and it could have been under control by now, if we had just worn masks and hunkered down for a month. But we couldn’t grasp the seriousness, and we couldn’t wear masks early on because there weren’t enough to go around (still aren’t, for healthcare workers). It took a while for the cottage industries to ramp up.

The President said that it was just gonna go away. Many believed him, and apparently still do.

There was no direction, no guidance we could all agree on. The red/blue curse followed us into this battle. The states were on their own. Accordingly, it looks like we’re on the verge of losing control in some places, if that hasn’t already happened. This in no small part because large enough groups of the population confuse certain inalienable rights with the realities and demands of a universal, existential threat like a pandemic.

These are insane arguments about rights and freedom, because the virus doesn’t care. It simply continues to have a field day all over the place. The mayor of Atlanta puts a mask requirement in place, but the governor says, “not so fast.”  How can this be? That loud smacking sound we’re hearing is tone-deaf leaders with their lips firmly pressed against Donald Trump’s ass. How’s that for a visual?

This is insanity on steroids.

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