Day and Night

If governors do their job and lead with a level head, mindful of data, and they stick to their guns, they get hit with opposition for being too dictatorial, not business-friendly enough. They get attacked for doing their job and making decisions and trying to protect the public. But the infection rates and hospitalizations drop.

If they decide to kiss Trump’s ass and disregard precautions and open early, they end up with a short-lived period of pseudo-normalcy followed by sky-rocketing sickness, maxed-out ERs, exhausted doctors and nurses, a drain on precious PPE, and businesses that have to close again anyway.

What bothers me is that the former course of action hasn’t been adopted by every state. There are no longer adequate words to capture the futility of trying to understand the vast differences of opinion and adopted strategies.

Andrew Cuomo adopted a rational and sane strategy and stuck to it. Ron DeSantis and his kindred idiot in Georgia just decided “No one will tell us how to handle things, except the Almighty Donald. We’re still fighting the Civil War and this time we’re gonna win. We have rights.”

Maybe they also have blood on their hands.

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