Time For A Purge

Sometimes, don’t you just want to be rid of the whole mess, wake up one morning and realize it was the proverbial bad dream? Because everything is swirling, everything is rotten, ugly, depressing, emitting an odor of decay and doom without a hint of hope or positivity or cheerfulness.

Donald Trump and his whole administration have to go as soon as possible. His presence and that of those around him is stultifying. He is slimy, conniving, humorless, dangerous. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said this to myself, or felt this way. It’s just darkness and lamentation every fucking day.

The only light comes from hoping we vote him out of office on November 3. This is our only hope. We need hope now, we need to hold onto the possibility of a return to some semblance of capable governance and leadership, even if it comes in the person who’s much closer to 80 than 70.

Because many are yearning for a sensible, calming voice amidst all the clamor and noise. Someone who speaks plainly and knowledgeably, rather than out of his ass.

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