Just The Way It Is

It was good to hear a medical doctor confirm what I and many others have wondered regarding the coronavirus.

In theory, if we all masked, distanced, isolated, and otherwise minimized our movements for 1 month, the virus would be gone, or significantly mitigated. This will never happen, but it makes sense. The virus would have limited means of transmission, few hosts, and it would die off.

Again, between necessity and arrogance/stupidity/ignorance, this will never happen. There would be segments of any population who wouldn’t be able to shelter in place. People need to eat, they need to work their essential jobs, so there would always be a certain amount of movement and exposure.

And the people prone to unintelligent decisions would be the ones to really throw a wrench in the works, because real Americans aren’t going to let a fabricated left-wing conspiracy keep them from living their damn lives.

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